Everyone Needs A Place Where They Can Escape

A variety of space is known to help out with improvements in productivity. It plays a crucial role in offering a better comprehensive office experience to every employee involved. As a matter of fact, many different studies and questionnaires that have focused on work environments demonstrate that having spaces to relax is frequently cited as a feature employees desire. These places for escape are quite different from established quiet zones, which is where people can head for work when they need to concentrate or some sense of privacy, and yet both are equally essential. Mental health is equally important to physical health in terms of the workplace environment. We need both of them to keep ourselves fully fit and functional, which means it falls on the shoulders of employers to make sure that office environments are safe places to work. Just as much as they are responsible for sufficient ventilation and lighting, they also need to manage both the workers and the work, in order to be sure that everything fits right.

Room For RelaxationStress is quite notorious for its negative influences on both mental and physical health. The elixir for it is anything which might fight it.

It’s crucial to be capable of breaking or walking away from any mentally exhausting activity, be it excessive screen time or work that necessitates a high-intensity focus. In either case, there has to be alternatives like more relaxing spaces so there are different energies that can be retreated to.

A lot of offices splurge on breakout areas that have casual sitting spaces so that workers are enabled to move into other areas, even if it might just be a few feet into something with different seating styles and floor covering. Other companies have even had the resources for dedicated specific wellness areas into their floor plans, using a more employee-centric design style that keeps the best interests of the team in mind.

Nurturing And Intelligent DesignWater features, living walls, spaces filled with plants, and big slouchy sofas are all common elements of relaxing environments that go easy on the senses, as advocates frequently state. Wall art, decor, and colours can all be used to complement or even boost the tranquillity of a setting as they place a strong boundary and clear message of just what such a space is supposed to be for.

Still, relaxing doesn’t always have to be focused on tranquillity. It can also be about offering fun and different activities too. Ping pong tables are frequently maligned, and yet they have a place in certain environments. Communal eating spaces and refreshment stations are always good ideas.

Offering A Home Away From HomeThere’s been a distinct move to embrace the styling of boutique hotels and even leading-edge coffee shops or bars in terms of office design, especially in more techy and creative sectors, which is honestly where most office trends wind up coming from in the first place.

Some environments work better with a homely and even artfully created space. These often involve bookshelves, plants, low tables, and slouchy couches and cushions. Any or all of these various additions help set a scene that offers a warm ambiance with a sense of serenity and ease.

A Space To Just BreatheSome rooms get even more dedicated for specific purposes, including prayer, meditation, and napping. These might also be called recharge zones, as they are spaces which recognise how people have a variety of needs. These spaces are free of electronics so they can be quiet and contemplative environments ideal for all kinds of mindful activity.

Take note of the fact that employers are obligated to offer facilities for those of faith if they want to carry out particular religious practises. For instance, the office fit outs of bigger SMEs and corporates are now frequently including feet washing facilities.

In the end, it comes down to inclusivity, so that everyone comes into a comfortable work environment they belong to.

A Look at GDPR A Year Later

GDPR For the Public

After a year of GDPR, people have become more aware of the importance of their personal data and the rights that they have. In particular, there is greater awareness of the role that the regulator has to play in situations where a person’s rights are not respected.

Research that was conducted during July 2018 found that one-third of people have strong trust in the organizations and companies that they give their data to. This is a significant improvement from 2017, when just over one in five people felt that way about companies that held their data.

In March 2018, the ICO surveyed DPOs, and found that almost two-thirds had seen an increase in the number of customers that exercised their information rights after the GDPR came into effect. The increase in awareness comes, partly, from ICO’s own Your Data Matters advertising campaign which aimed to increase consumer awareness of the rights that people have under GDPR, as well as educating people in how to exercise those rights. The campaign led to more than 2.5 million people accessing the ICO website, and has encouraged people to exercise their information rights, ever directly through public-facing services, or by making use of the tools that are offered via third parties.

There have been many investigations highlighting the challenges of accessing personal information, and making users aware of the ways in which their data is being used by third parties, both the people that they willingly gave their information to and the other businesses that those companies are working with. Prior to GDPR working this out was often opaque and difficult.

Working With DPOs

The push towards the GDPR has encouraged organisations to make a number of changes to ensure that they were collecting, storing and handling the data using a sound legal framework so that it was refreshed only with consent and handled in the correct way. The new regime has helped to support users, businesses and organisations and cleared up a lot of the confusion that comes from the way that data is processed. The ICO helpline, live chat and advice services have seen more than 470,000 contacts over the 2018 – 19 year, which marks a 66% increases from the year before. When it comes to bigger organisations, there has been a significant burden placed upon the Data Protection Officer, who is faced with the challenges of normalising the new regulations and getting people used to working within the correct framework.

The ICO surveyed DPOs when they conducted the DPPC 2019, and found that most DPOs were happy with the support that they got from the organisation. Culture was one of the main issues that cropped up in terms of implementing the GDPR, but most DPOs were satisfied with the support that they got from their superiors. MOre than 90% of those in DPO positions said that they had some form of an accountability framework in place, and 61% said that the framework was something that was well understood by people in their organisations. Two thirds reported that the framework was clearly communicated. This means that there was good progress made across the board, although it will still take some time to completely embed the concept of GDPR best practices into all organisations.

Smaller Companies

SMEs have their own challenges and it has not been easy for SMEs to change the way they work to become more GDPR compliant. This is something that the ICO acknowledges. The legal bases for auditing, privacy and data processing are things that it will take time to understand, and there are not really any quick fixes that smaller companies can use. Sole traders, in particular, find the GDPR much harder to work with. To help this important part of the economy to understand the GDPR, the ICO has created a set of resources, including checklists and FAQs as well as simple, jargon-free guidance that will help people to improve their understanding of the legislation and the requirements that they are faced with. The hope is that over the next couple of years they will be able to adapt.

What You Need To Know About Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin, which is also called glycerine or glycerol, consists of a type of clear liquid that is usually made from coconut, palm oils, or soybean.

This liquid has a syrup-like consistency, is odourless and has a mild and sweet taste.

Vegetable glycerin is used extensively in cosmetic industries, yet it also has several alternative uses. For example, it is also able to offer a few health benefits that range from improved hydration to a stronger gut and skin health.

Below we will give you more information on the benefits, side effects, and uses of glycerin.

What Exactly Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Glycerin is classified as a type of sugar alcohol that is derived from petroleum, plants, or animal products.

Vegetable glycerin is one of the variants that come from plant oils. It is believed that it was discovered accidentally over 200 years ago in the way of heating a combination of lead monoxide and olive oil.

Yet its uses only became industrially and economically significant in the era of the late 1800s when used for making dynamite.

Vegetable glycerin involves heating vegetable fats that are triglyceride-rich, such as coconut, soy, and palm oils which are placed under a pressure or combined with an alkali like lye.

This process causes the fatty acids and the glycerin to split. The glycerin then combines with water which creates a sweet-tasting, odourless, syrupy liquid.

The Common Uses

Vegetable glycerin is used widely in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.

For example, it added frequently to foods in order to assist with combining water-based and oil ingredients or to moisten or sweeten the end product.

It also assists with stopping the development of ice crystals in frozen foodstuffs, like ice-cream, frozen yoghurt, along with other frozen desserts.

Glycerin is another common ingredient found in pharmaceutical medications, which include cough medications, suppositories, heart medication, and even anaesthetics.

It is also common to find this type of glycerin in products such as toothpaste, to stop the hardening or drying out of the toothpaste inside the tube.

Other common products that contain vegetable glycerin include makeup, deodorants, soaps, lotions, and candles.

The Potential Benefits

Vegetable glycerin is also a product that is linked to several health benefits.

However, only a select few of these benefits are backed by science, while related studies and research are typically small and few. It is important to consider that more research is required when it comes to different health benefits.

Here are a few benefits that are backed by research.

Can Moisturise The Skin

Vegetable glycerin is one of the well-known skincare treatments due to its moisturising power.

Studies have proven that applying vegetable glycerine directly to the skin might slowly improve its suppleness and smoothness. In fact, using a moisturiser that contains glycerin may increase the hydration levels in the skin in as little as 10 days.

Can Promote Skin Health

Vegetable glycerine might encourage improved skin health in the way of soothing skin irritations, and speeding up wound healing, and protection against infections.

Research has shown that applying products that contain glycerin can also protect your skin against microbes and irritants and soothe wounded or inflamed skin.

In addition, vegetable glycerin can perform as a type of barrier to protect the skin from elements such as cold and wind.

May Boost Athletic Performance And Hydration

Vegetable glycerin can assist with improving hydration and this encourages improved athletic performance.

One of the best methods to prevent hydration includes consuming enough liquids during and before exercise. However, in some forms of activities, it is not possible to drink liquids during exercise. In these instances, drinking enough beforehand is important.

In one study, a drink containing vegetable glycerin was proven to be more effective compared to sports drinks or water in the way of improving hydration levels in the athletes that had lost significant water amounts due to sweating while exercising.

The Potential Side Effects

In general, vegetable glycerin is regarded as safe.

With this in mind, some people do experience allergic reactions when applying vegetable glycerin directly to the skin.

When consumed, vegetable glycerin can result in nausea, excessive thirst, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches in a few people.

Because glycerin is classified as a sugar alcohol, the body is unable to fully absorb it, which means excessive consumption through foods or alone can result in diarrhoea and gas.

Latest Trends To Wear By The End Of Year, Straight From Fashion Week

All major fashion brands, influences, journalists, and designers are currently showcasing their best creations for the autumn/winter season of 2019.

The last lot of runways brought us those giant hats, tight pleats and sensible shorts we’ve all started to wear with excitement and pride. However, the end of this year appears to be way more OTT.

Unapologetic floral prints, colourful checks and argyle knits are only a few of these OTT prints we’ll seek for. In addition, tiered ruffles, puffers and catchy sparkle will rule over the next six months of fashion trends. You may need to take a serious look at your wardrobe and upgrade it to stay on top of these trends.

Let’s see what you must brace yourself to wear this autumn/winter season.

1. Full Florals

We believe that florals have never been off-trend. Nonetheless, they’ve never been this daring ever! You’ll want to wear full floral looks and even floral face masks. Follow these top designers and trend setters and choose styles based on a muted background colour and vivid, bright flowers splashed all over.

2. Oversized Bags

The age of tiny totes that can barely accommodate our very essential items is over now. This autumn/winter, some of the biggest brands are all focused on practicality. This is what modern women need to fit into today’s hectic society. This end of year, you’ll be able to carry with you everything you’ll want.

3. Check These Checks

Those polka dots with stripes that were the craziest combinations of last season’s trends will be replaced by a more manageable style. Checks are classy and cute. Besides, we can always play around with them by mixing colours in creative ways.

4. Layered Ruffles

One simple ruffle will no longer be enough this autumn. You’ll need to wear your hair pulled back and to showcase some prominent, tiered ruffles for your evening events and parties.

5. Waist Belts

An hourglass shape will always be in fashion. However, the marked waist has disappeared from catwalks for a while now, making room for loose silhouettes, with less defined curves. This will change with the next season, so ensure that you start searching for your belts. You’ll use them to wrap around cardigans, coats, dresses and shirts, among many other clothing items.

6. Brown Leather Coats

You may have already noticed that tonal camel hues have started to adorn street style outfits. By the end of this year, you’ll also find them in luxury leather materials and even in sweeping midi coats.

7. Pointed Toes

This may not be the most comfortable fashion trend ever, but it surely make you look like Angelina Ballerina. This autumn, the trendiest shoes will feature pointed toes, so get ready to buy some new footwear to follow this hot trend.

8. Argyle Knits

Apart from ancient middle-aged golfers, nobody has paid any attention to argyle knitwear for a while now. However, according to the latest fashion week collections and shows, argyle knits will come back in full force. Fortunately, you won’t need to wear argyle trousers, as this trend is saved for cardigans and jumpers. You’ll be able to pair these items with fancy skirts to compose smart and chic work outfits everyone around you will love.

9. OTT Feathers

If you don’t feel like wearing sequins, you’ll be able to replace them with playful textures to create a bit of wow. Extreme feathering can add this spicy touch to your look. Going full-feather will require you to overlook the fact that you won’t be able to show your sleek silhouette any longer. However, the effect of a feathered coat will surely be worth the pain of embracing the bulk. Also, a full feathered dress will turn you into a drama queen for the whole night.

10. Corduroy Suits

Corduroy has subtly returned over the past half year. Our predictions are that it will reach the masses within one year or so. Loose fitting outfits will allow you to create a casual look. High-waisted trousers paired with a sleek jacket will make a great evening outfit.

5 Free Quick Marketing Wins

Marketing can be a difficult venture but it’s a worthwhile investment if done right. With these 5 free and quick marketing wins, you can implement some of the techniques in your business and enjoy the results within a few days.

1. Google My Business

It is a platform used to list local businesses and is owned by Google. When people are looking for a business on Google, they are mostly looking for those within their region. Therefore, if you are relying on this tool, you need to make sure your business is visible online.

Note that, you can be visible online but your listing needs to be appealing and attractive. Google My Business comes in handy in this case. Here, you will display useful and relevant information about your business such as your contact details, opening and closing hours, a brief description about your business and your exact location in the city or town.

Customers can also leave reviews on Google My Business that’s visible to other prospects. Many people trust online reviews since they work as a personal recommendation so you should ask your customers to leave the reviews. They will influence the future buying decisions for other customers.

2. Subscribers.com

There are many ways to increase your website’s traffic but the fastest way to do it is through push notifications for mobile and web. When any prospects click on your website, they will get a pop-up on the top left-hand side requesting to allow or block notifications.

If they click on ‘allow’, you can provide them with content frequently to re-engage them and bring them back to your site using push notifications. It’s the fastest way to communicate with your previous site visitors. Its’ GDPR compliant and there is no need to bombard your customers with emails with too much information.

3. LeadFeeder

It’s a great tool which provides you with insight into your potential customers. Leadfeeder is a great way to track your site visitors, using their IP addresses. You can find out who has visited your website and what pages they have seen on your site. Also, you will find out how long these people have spent on specific pages and also how they found your business.

Such information is very valuable because you will have an idea of your warm leads. These are people who are ready to buy from your business so you will know who to contact to follow-up. Note that, many site visitors often leave without making contact so this is a leg up for you.

4. Mozbar

If you have heard of Moz.com, you should know MozBar. You can use this tool to compare and view the domain authority of your business then compare it to that of the competitors. It’s very critical information that you need to boost your business. Domain Authority is one of the main things that determines your site’s rankings on the search engines. It’s made up of 40 ranking signals such as the the quality and overall number of links going to your site. If your website has a higher domain authority, it will get a higher ranking on the search engines. Also, it translates to many clicks from prospects.

5. Think With Google
Here, you can check the speed on your website for both mobile and desktop users within minutes. Also, you will receive a detailed report on the way forward if you don’t get positive results. Site speed is very important when determining whether or not a customer will purchase from you.

If it takes a while for you site to load, they will close it immediately and run to the competitors. You need to improve your customers’ experiences if you want your site to get a higher ranking on Google. Remember, it’s a reflection on what you are actually doing.

In conclusion, whatever you give your customers translates directly to what you are offering them. If you need to market your services, use these or more tips to increase your site’s visibility and make sure your customers can find you effortlessly. As much as marketing is tiring and overwhelming, you can do it without any hassles for the best results.

5 Free Quick Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

Marketing can be very expensive, scary, or difficult (although good marketing is always an investment rather than an expense, we will discuss that in another article!). However, it doesn’t need to be. By implementing these 5 free marketing tips, you can quickly start using some of the tactics in your business and begin to start seeing some positive effects within a few days!

1. Google My Business

Here is our first free quick tip to help your business succeed. Google My Business is the leading local business listing platform. Google owns the platform and offers it as a free service.

Whenever people are doing searches on Google, most likely they are doing local searches based on the location they are in. Therefore, it is essential for your business to be visible, especially if you rely on local business. However, it is one thing to be visible, but quite another to look appealing and attractive to prospective customers. That is where Google My Business can help. This platform allows you to post useful information about your business, such as your business hours, contact details, more about your company, photos, and your exact location on a map.

On Google My Business customers can also leave reviews that prospective customers can read. According to research, 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. That is why it is critical that you ask your customers to leave reviews, which will help to influence the buying decisions of prospective customers.

2. Subscribers.com

This is another great way to increase your website traffic by using push notifications for both mobile and web.

Whenever a prospect clicks on your website, the individual will receive a pop-up in the top left corner that asks to block or allow notifications from you. When they click on allow, you will be able to send them content every once in a while to re-engage them and get them back to your website via push notifications. It is an easy and quick way to communicate with past website visitors, is fully compliant with GDPR, and you don’t need to bombard them with a lot of long emails.

3. Leadfeeder

This is another great tool that provides you with insights on who your prospective customers might be. Leadfeeder is able to track the visitors to your website through the use of the IP address to tell you exactly which companies have visited your website, what pages they visited, and how much time they spent on the pages as well as how they originally found you.

This can be very valuable information since it gives you a very good idea of who your warm leads are. These are individuals who are ready to make a purchase and who you should contact to follow-up with since on average 98% of website visitors leave a site without making any contact.

4. MozBar

You may have heard of Moz.com already. MozBar is another excellent FREE tool that lets you view and compare the Domain Authority (DA) of your business and compare it to your competition. This can be very valuable information for you.

Domain Authority is one of the major factors that can help to determine how well your site ranks in the search engines, whether that is Google or Bing, etc. It is comprised of 40 different ranking signals, including the quality and number of links that point back to our website. The higher a website’s Domain Authority is, the most likely it will have a good ranking in the search engines, which increases the chances the prospects will find the site.

4. Think With Google

This final free tool checks your website’s speed for both mobile and desktop users within minutes. It also comes with a very detailed report that shows you what you should do next if you didn’t receive as positive of results as you would like.

Site speed is a very important element that influences whether a prospective customer will purchase from you or not. If they need to wait for several seconds in order for your website to fully load, then most likely they will close your site and try one of your competition’s sites instead. It is absolutely essential to provide customers with as easy an experience as possible since that is also a reflection on the services that you offer.

Challenge Perceptions To Change Reality For Disabled People

According to research recently released by Activity Alliance, there are varying attitudes for those with disabilities when it comes to activities. While the results show signs of improvement, there are many ingrained perceptions which can create barriers in the view of disability. This leads to many disabled persons being left out of sports activities.

According to non-disabled person’s perceptions, as reported in online survey’s, the focus on the inclusive activity for those who are disabled needs some serious adjustment. The findings represent that there is a varied view of integrating disabled people into sports activities.

Chance To Change Perceptions

According to results, there is a very positive opportunity to change the perceptions and views via sports activities. At present, as many as 75 percent of those who aren’t disabled take an interest or part in sporting activities with disabled persons. These persons have recognized the value of including disabled persons in such activities and have taken it upon themselves to include them. Many groups are very comfortable working with disabled persons and enjoy spending time with them.

Nearly a quarter consider the disabled persons to be equal to those who aren’t disabled. This awareness has led to the belief that all are created equal. Whether it be learning disabilities or a physical impairment these groups are experiencing a great deal of prejudice today in the UK.

Unfortunately, these are unfounded prejudices and they have a huge negative impact on the wellbeing of disabled persons. The top concerns that were cited were, in order of concern, fear that the disabled persons may become injured, fear that the non-disabled persons may inadvertently say something that is inappropriate and that the activities may not be conducive for those who are disabled. It’s important to note that the term “inclusive” means that all are welcome.

Unfortunately, this lack of awareness is leading to some confusiaon. There are large groups of society who aren’t familiar at all with those who are disabled. This has led to some serious lack of inclusion in such activities for those who are disabled.

According to the report, Activity Alliance’s growing research has led to some insight that is now exploring the various options and influences to the ways that the disabled can be included in such activities.

Gaps In Ambition And Reality

Further research and report findings have indicated that while there is a clear mismatch on the inclusion of the disabled, it’s valuable for them to be active and available for the varied opportunities that are presented to them. Six out of ten people, according to the report show that they prefer activities that include the disabled. The disabled persons also indicated that they have a preference for this as well as it is more motivating to them. This report also showed that many are more likely to try something if everyone is doing it. This works to improve friendships and maintain their health as well as improve their independence.

According to Barry Horne, the Activity Alliance’s Chief Executive, “In order to increase the number of disabled persons being active, we must improve the opportunities for them to take part in mixed settings. Using our insight and information, we can make a huge impact on their lives with such programs as Get Out Get Active and other programs that work to diversify the group’s mix of non-disabled and those who have a disability. We must improve the opportunity and spread the message. This is a choice that will be good for everyone and it will do wonders to make the world a better place to live.” Working together to form a better world is a small step to improving the inclusion of those who struggle with a disability and need just a bit more help in integrating with society as a whole. It improves self-esteem and motivation and it gives them a sense of independence and purpose in this world that we all live in together.


Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is a great idea, especially when you want to give your home a new look.

When you have an outdoor kitchen in your home, it is seen as a more sophisticated space than a backyard BBQ that many people have. The kitchen is going to leave your garden looking more beautiful and appealing, and your friends and family will like spending their time there. Alfresco living has become popular, and we all love it.

Instead of having to cook for your guests in your regular kitchen and leaving them in the living room, consider cooking in your backyards where you will be serving cocktails, grilling hamburgers, and chatting up with your guests.

Having an outdoor kitchen in your home will increase its value when you decide to sell it in the future.

Outdoor living spaces have become more popular, but this should not come as a surprise. In Europeans countries including the UK, the temperature is over 20 degrees.

What will you need to make your outdoor kitchen a functional space?

The first and the most important when it comes to an outdoor kitchen is having enough space, but this doesn’t mean you need to have a big garden area.

The size of the space you are going to need is one that is enough for a counter space to cook and prepare food. You will also need enough room to place things on the side of the appliances.


It is a must to have a grille if you consider yourself a lover of outdoor because it is the centre of any outdoor event. If you don’t have this appliance, then don’t expect your outdoor kitchen to be up to par.

When choosing a grill, make sure it is a professional-grade appliance. It will be up to you to choose a model you think works best for you. The options you will be presented with include gas, charcoal, or pellet-fueled grills. There are some that come with auto ignition; this will make sure your food remains warm at all times.

You will need a place where you are going to keep fresh items cold so you can enjoy them later. A refrigerator is important because it is going to keep drinks and meat cold while you wait for the grill to get warm.

Pizza is for ovens while steaks are for grills. Many prefer to eat their pizza when still hot. There are one or two who like their pizzas cold. When choosing an outdoor oven, consider a warming drawer because it is going to help in keeping the food warm until you are ready to serve it.

An outdoor kitchen is still a kitchen, and you will still need to do things like washing the dishes. It is important to have a sink where you can wash your fresh food.

When you have running water, you will have an easier time because you don’t have to go inside the house to get water. Most of the taps and sinks out there can be used for outdoor, but you should see whether there is a quote from the manufacturer saying otherwise.

The appliances in your outdoor kitchen will be running with live electricity, and this is why it is very important to have covers that are going to provide protection from bad weather. If the water comes into contact with some parts of the appliance, it can end up causing the appliance to rust or even start a fire.

This is one of those things many people forget about and remember when they need to use one and realize there is none.

You need to have enough electrical outlets because you will be using fridges and other appliances. This will ensure you have an outlet any time you need it.

A wine cooler has become a popular appliance for many outdoor kitchens. This will make sure everything will be perfect on a warm summer day, especially drinks. There is a certain temperature that drinks need to be during the warmer days of summer.

Guide to Taking Care of Antique Wooden Furniture

There I hardly anything as charming and attractive in the world as a stately piece of antique furniture. Older wooden pieces develop a warmth and beauty that can’t be found in a new piece of furniture. It’s called ‘patina’ and comes with care and the slow progression of time, in some types of wood patina can take centuries to perfect.

Even if the wooden furniture gets scuffed and scratched the marks only add character to the antique. But, if not treated properly, the wooden furniture can be damaged to badly for successful repair work. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a lovely piece of antique furniture, you will want to avoid mistreating it at all costs. Following are some essential tips to get you started.


To create a patina that will encourage praise and admiration you will need to cultivate and nurture the wooden furniture with care and regular maintenance. The most important task will be regular waxing. Find a natural beeswax which will nourish the wood bring out its full grain colour while protecting the surface. The protection provided by this type of wax is far superior to modern aerosol furniture waxes that can actually damage antique furniture.

Waxing is simple enough, just apply a small amount of wax to a dry lint-free dusting cloth and rub vigorously in the direction of the grain until the wood shines. If your furniture is especially dry the wax may be absorbed very quickly, just add another coat until the shiny appeal stays. Waxing must be done every few months but dust daily or weekly as this will help develop a thick layer of protective wax.


Most people would rather display their lovely antique furniture in the home where its beauty can be enjoyed by all. But, locations are a critical consideration when looking to preserve the longevity of your antique. For example, right beside the window seems like the best spot for a lovely rocking chair. But wait, the UV rays of the sun can begin to alter the colours and compositions of the furniture they strike. This can lead to unpleasant reactions in the wood and connections too as the heat and warmth of the sun dries out wood and impacts connecting points.

Central heating is also something that will dry out wooden furniture leading to cracks and other deformation. The best place for your antique furniture will be in a room with stable temperatures and moisture levels. Don’t forget to keep it away from sunlight.

Moving And Handling

Statistically, your antique furniture has the greatest opportunity to be damaged when it is being transported from one place to another. Furniture can be scratched and knocked about while being carried down narrow allies or crowded into a cramped moving van. So, antique furniture should receive some special treatment when being hauled from one place to another.

Carrying antiques is always a two-person job to ensure and equal lift and maximum control during tricky maneuvers and avoid dragging the priceless item. Be careful to never place pressure where pressure is not due on these antiques as they can be damaged easily if misused. Finally, remove all drawers and removable parts from the furniture before moving and always lift from the lowest point you can. This may sound like extreme tenderness, but that’s the only thing that can keep the love alive –– and caring for a fine antique takes a lot of love.

In Conclusion

Despite our best efforts to keep antiques in perfect conditions, accidents happen. But this does not mean that all is lost and your antique is ruined. There are specialists who can restore these pieces to their original splendor and make damage and repair work virtually undetectable. As you may imagine, such high-caliber skills, equipment and professional work takes a lot of time to develop, so don’t try to handle any repairs yourself. Be sure to contact your local professionals in antique care and maintenance for more information.

How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Car?

You can find suggestions on how often your specific vehicle will need to have its oils levels addressed in the owner’s manual. The timeframe you find here will be the base number to begin your oil changing habits. But, you’re specific driving habits and environment may place special wear and tear on the car that causes it to use oil faster. Which could mean your car needs its oil changed more or potentially less often than the figure provided in the owner’s manual.

Check Owner’s Manual First
The primary source for all the information you need on proper oil changing for your specific automobile will be found in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have a copy of your owner’s manual you can find one online. Here you will find all the important details on your car’s make, model, year and engine. The type of oils specific viscosity and capacity are equally important aspects of oil management so be sure you take note of all these figures.

Today’s modern automobile manufacturers will use terminology like for “normal operating conditions” or for “special or severe operating conditions”. Normal operating is based off the national averages of: 11,500 miles per year with 55% being on highways and 45% urban driving. Severe and special operating conditions refers to those who will spend most of their time in stop-and-go traffic, hauling heavy loads and making short trips. Opposite to what you may think, many miles on the highway will actually use less oil and are easier on the engine and transmission.

Those that drive in normal operating conditions will place less wear on their car and this means that an oil change will be due every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Those that drive their cars in special operating conditions will have to do this more often at 5,000 to 7,500 miles for the same vehicle.

Examine Your Driving and Vehicle

The way you drive and the distances you travel will play an equally important role in often your oil needs changing and the service you will provide. Stop-and-go traffic will cause your car to overheat, collect deposits and oxidize quickly. Short trips will not heat the car up enough to the point that is burns off condensed water that results from the combustion process.

If you drive in situations like this you will need to follow the service plan for driving in severe conditions and change oil more frequently. By the same measure, if you drive on the highway and for longer distances, it would be fine to extend the oil change date for an unspecified amount of time as your car has more time to heat up and burn off accumulated water.

Synthetic oils have less impurities and therefore tend to last longer. If this is what you are using in your engine you will be able to stick to a regular schedule of oil changes.

Other engine issues can also affect the lifespan of your current oil supply. Worn seals and piston rings can lead to more oil being used by the engine and thus you will need more fuel. Cylinder misfires can also lead to too much oil being used and is an issue that should be addressed right away.

The Importance of Oil Changes

The oil in the engine acts as a lubricant, hydraulic fluid and coolant to keep important parts of the car from burning out. As the oil is used by the engine levels of this vital fluid are being depleted and will need to be refreshed regularly.

All engines use oil, but some use it faster than others and some have leaks. It is important to become very familiar with checking and adjusting oil levels. It is a quick and easy job that only requires a rag and a couple of minutes. You should do this every 1,000 miles or have an experienced engine specialist do this for you. Always carry a little extra oil and a funnel in your vehicle and prepare to top it off if you see the “low oil” indicator light up on the dashboard display.