5 Reasons To Consider Accounting As A Career

1. Job Opportunities

Accounting, despite all the technological advancements, isn’t going anywhere but only getting better and easier. If anything, technology has only created a variety of exciting positions and opportunities in the accounting sector. All this is thanks to more and more companies shifting to e-commerce, which means they need an accountant to balance their books and interpret the ever-changing regulations and tax laws. Businesses and organisations also require the services of a seasoned accountant to manage and interpret financial information. This enables them to make better financial decisions. If you live in York or the surrounding area and are looking for a bookkeeper then see “bookkeeper York”.

2. It’s An Exciting and Rewarding Career

Most people believe accounting is all about numbers and spreadsheets. This is, however, only a part of an accountant’s other roles and responsibilities. Accountants help businesses to:

Start or end business ventures
Venture into new markets
Avoid unprofitable business ventures
Unveiling new products
Identify creative ways to reduce unnecessary spending.

Every successful business includes its accounting team in all major business decisions, making accounting one of the most satisfying and exciting jobs. Very few other professions have the expertise to see through and advise accordingly, especially where tough decisions have to be made.

3. Flexibility

Accountants have/play several different yet vital roles in a business. Almost every business requires the services of an accountant in one way or the other. Most established businesses have an in-house accounting team, while other companies hire accounting firms for help with their finances. Building an accounting career thus means you can work for companies and/or brands you love. You could also work for your favourite sports team too.

Working for an accounting firm also means you can work for several clients or focus on just one sector. The best thing with accounting firms is that you can focus on the clients/specialities- you like, such as working for government agencies and local schools. The other advantage of working as an accountant is you get to gather experience from the different roles you have to assume. Some of the most exciting accounting roles include:

Internal auditing
Cost accounting
Forensic accounting
Financial accounting
Tax accounting

4. Great Pay

An accountant earns about £62,042 per year. This is according to a study conducted in 2018. Accountants are known to earn good pay all over the world. One of the reasons is that one needs to get the necessary certifications and advanced degrees to work as an accountant. The more qualified you are, the higher the salary is likely to be. The best thing with this career is that you can start off with the most basic qualifications, then take courses to advance progressively. This gives you a chance to stand out amongst other accountants and qualify for more advanced roles as well.

5. Allows You To Grow Your Career

Accounting is one of the few careers that provides you with an opportunity to grow. Unlike other careers that only have lateral growth, accountants can gather years of experience, enabling them to qualify for other opportunities, including CEO and CFO roles. It is thus easier and possible for an accountant to grow into a corporate executive.

Accountants also work with other professionals as well. This makes it easier to grow their network of professionals, steering him/her to his/her dream job. The accounting skills acquired over time make it relatively easy to assume almost any other role in business. Are you looking for a new and exciting career but not sure where to start? Why not consider building a career in accounting. You will be surprised at the opportunities that come your way.