7 Reasons To Consider A Career In Human Resources

What is HR?

Human Resources (HR) is a division within an organisation or business responsible for supervising, managing, and developing employees. HR professionals handle everything from administrative tasks to promoting/providing a positive work environment for all employees. An HR is also responsible for, among other duties, recruiting, hiring, and training of new employees, as well as cater to the development and compensation of current employees. The department/office may also be tasked with handling compliance and conflict resolution within the business.

Why Would I Want To Be An HR Officer?

An HR officer plays a pivotal role in any organisation with a workforce. They work with various people to help make the lives of employees much better and manageable. Nothing satisfies more than helping employees become a better version of themselves professionally. Outlined below are some of the benefits and reasons to consider a career in HR.

1. Help Others In The Organisation

The HR works directly with fellow employees and is the first person they can go to if they need help. He/she provides a support system for the employees in resolving conflicts and ensuring they grow professionally. You will not only be supervising but also guiding them in their career path. Orchard House Solutions are a Bamboo HR provider that can assist you with your HR needs.

2. Position of Influence

HR is uniquely placed to identify and understand the tiny overlooked aspects that can affect both the management and the employees. Their position thus makes it easier to influence decisions that would affect fellow employees and the good of the business in general.

3. It’s A Stable Profession

Although most people have lost their jobs to technological advancements, the interpersonal responsibilities of HR cannot be substituted. Every industry needs someone who can oversee the process of hiring and onboarding and ensure employee retention. This isn’t something software, or artificial intelligence (AI) would be capable of. This thus makes HR a lasting and dependable career.

4. Handle/Solve Various Issues

HR is mainly responsible for ensuring a positive work environment. This often means having to deal with complex issues that require a keen eye and problem-solving skills. If you prefer a challenge and can handle complicated interpersonal situations, you might then want to try HR if you are the kind of person.

5. Provide A Serene Working Environment

A good HR will strive to create a positive working environment for all. He/she can do so by promoting targeted employee wellness programs and even host professional development events. Although it might not seem like much, some of these programs do help improve employee motivation and confidence, thus talent retention.

6. Work With/For Others

Although it might not seem like it, HR works to ensure new employees familiarise themselves with the workplace, guide employees to promotion, and also help specific individuals reach their full potential. The gratification of working to help others become better versions of themselves in the workplace is in itself satisfying.

7. Diverse Roles

The HR industry is multifaceted – each job is different from the last. Such diversity of roles makes this career fascinating and enjoyable. If you are tired of doing the same thing repeatedly, you might then want to consider a career in human resources.