A Complete Guide To Tipping Your House Cleaners.

Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

As is the case with most service providers, house cleaners appreciate getting rewarded for the hard work they do through tips. You should find out if it is appropriate to tip the house cleaner that you hire for your needs. Some factors that influence whether you should tip your cleaner. They are such as the tipping policy of the company, the size of the cleaning company, the quality of their work, and the state of your home.

First, you have to consider the size of the company that you are getting your house cleaner from. Do you plan to hire a house cleaner from a large company with various employees or a self-employed cleaner that runs their own business? An individual cleaner will most likely set their rates. They do not lose a portion of their earnings to the company. Due to this fact, a self-employed cleaner may not expect or rely too much on tips. A cleaner working for a big company does not determine their rates. It means that they probably rely heavily on clients’ tips to earn a living wage. Once you take these facts into account, you will determine if your house cleaner deserves a tip. If you live in the Hampshire area then search for cleaning services Hampshire.

Tipping Policies

You should also factor in the tipping policy of the cleaning company that you plan to hire the house cleaner from. Most companies nowadays pay their employees a reasonable wage, which means that the clients are not pressured into giving the cleaners a tip after the services. Some companies also build the tips into their rates. If this is the case, the cleaning service should state in their agreement how the rates are determined and if the tips are included in that rate.

Some companies have a policy that does not let the cleaners accept any tips. If this is the case, your house cleaner will decline any tips that you offer. You can always call the cleaning company and ask them about the tipping policy if you are unsure of it. The company may even give you some guidance by checking on their other customers’ tipping.

The State Of Your Home

Apart from the two categories above, you should also consider the state your home is in when deciding whether you should tip your cleaner. Some circumstances may make you decide to tip the cleaner higher. They can be such as; a difficult task, a messy kitchen, a filthy bathroom, or if you have not deep cleaned your home in a while.

The Quality of Their Work

Consider the quality of work that you receive from the house cleaner before you decide whether to tip them and how much to tip. If the cleaner has not provided the best quality of work, there is no need to tip them. If you find that you have to call the company to have a follow-up cleaning session because of substandard work, then you should not tip the cleaner who did the initial job. You should only tip a house cleaner that has provided the highest quality of work and left your home sparkling clean.

How Often and How Much Should Your Tip Be?

You may wonder how much is appropriate to tip the house cleaner and how frequently you should tip them. To determine the answer to these queries, you should consider the kind of services you wanted from them, if you get the same house cleaner each time, and how your rates are set.