All About Computer Network Racks

Network Racks

Network racks are metal frames designed to stack, organise, and protect hardware devices and computer network servers. These racks safeguard the hardware devices from shocks and damage and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. A network rack is a crucial piece of equipment for any service provider that deals with computer servers and hardware devices.

Setting Up A Network Rack

Network racks hold computer servers and hardware devices. But some racks are designed to hold specific types of devices. The rack will secure the equipment with bolts, brackets, and other hardware that help keep the equipment safely in place. Some racks allow you to mount hardware devices using rails and shelves including switch shelves and switch rails.

Network Rack Equipment

Network racks can be used to house a wide variety of equipment. Network equipment is a broad phrase used to describe a wide range of technological equipment including switches, modems, routers, and other equipment.

Switches – Switches are multiport and high-speed equipment that receive information and redirect the information to the correct destination on a local area network or LAN. A switch can usually redirect information only through a single network.

Routers – Routers perform a similar job to switches in receiving and forwarding information. But a router can carry information over multiple networks instead of a single network. For example, different devices can access the internet using a single router due to this reason.

Modems – A modem is used to connect the source of the internet to your computer by using a router. An ethernet cord is used to perform this function.

UPS batteries are also a common find within any server room set up, you might consider getting an APC battery replacement if your server’s UPS battery isn’t up to scratch.

What Is A 2-Post Relay Rack?

A 2 post relay rack is an open frame, low-cost, and easy-to-use network rack to mount your servers and computer network equipment. It has a 2 post aluminium or steel structure with round mounting holes or square mounting holes. They are also known as open bay racks. The 2 post rack is used as a network rack if you use it to mount network devices.

The 2 post rack is easy to move and lightweight. Hence, it is easy to set up and house your network equipment in no time. The network equipment is housed in the 2 post rack by installing a brace on the frame and bolting the brace to the posts.

The 2 post rack lets you stack several network devices on top of each other compared to traditional network racks. It allows you to make use of the vertical space in the building and reduce the usage of floor space. In fact, you can use the floor space to store other equipment in your workplace. The 2 post rack is quite sturdy and secured into the floor of the building – making it difficult to knock over the installed equipment. On the other hand, the open nature of the 2 post rack minimises airflow obstruction and makes it much easier to manage the cables of the network equipment.

Make sure you centre-mount the devices when using a 2 post rack. It’s the safest and most secure way to protect your network equipment. Centre-mounting helps centralise the weight distribution and reduce pressure on the rack itself. On the other hand, flush mounting only works well with low-profile and lighter server equipment.