All About Double Glazing

Double Glazing

This is certainly an evolution in glazing, construction and design. However, it, unfortunately, has a bad reputation whether its double glazed sliding doors, windows or more.

Unfortunately, this bad reputation is mainly due to double glazing salesmen who go from door to door. They offer a variety of home improvements that are quite shady which has resulted in this poor reputation.

They use poor marketing strategies that are based on fear and hard selling. They typically talk about the inefficiency of your home along with other bad tactics that give double glazing such a bad reputation that is completely unfair and inaccurate.

Even with all of these bad tactics, double glazing is now an industry-standard technology. There are numerous benefits of double glazing, however, it can be a little challenging to understand. Basically, if you intend on doing any glass installations or working on your property, then it is highly recommended that you figure out exactly what is double glazing, how it works and the benefits.

Thankfully, you’re reading the right post and we have all of this information that will help you to understand all about double glazing and why it is such an important aspect of designing a home. So, we will now get into the theory of double glazing.

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To start with, do note that we’re not a double glazing business. Our company focuses on innovative architectural glazing and unique installations. With that said, we do utilise double glazing a great deal in various products. For example, when we create extensions to a home, install frameless glass doors that slide etc.

Double glazing defined

Even though double glazing is commonly used in home improvement, it might appear as though no explanation is necessary. However, before we can delve into the benefits, it is essential that you know what double glazing is.

Basically, it is when two sets of glass are placed in one frame and they are separated by only a very small layer of air. In some cases, the two panes of gas are separated by argon or another type of inert gas. This is usually done in glass installations such as windows. Basically, it is the double layer of glass with the gas or air in between that makes double glazing so unique and special.

It is very effective at keeping cold out and ensuring that the warm air stays inside of the home. It also helps in reducing drafts in the property and is quite an improvement when compared to single glazing. As you may have guessed, single glazing is when there is only one pane of glass that separates the interior of your home from the exterior. Homes that only have single glazed windows are typically very cold during the winter months.

Double glazing origins

The origins of double glazing aren’t clear, however, it quite possibly started in Scotland in the 1870s. If you’ve ever been to Scotland then you know how cold it is especially in the winter. The Victorian-style homes usually have many rooms which all need to be heated and in most cases, there was only a kitchen fire to create warmth. These homes were basically like the interior of a fridge during the winter.

Thankfully, the owners of these homes realised that it was possible to increase the heat in their homes by adding an extra pane of glass to their windows with putty. This helped to create a larger barrier between the freezing cold air and the families inside the homes which helped many families to successfully make it through harsh winters every year.