5 Free Quick Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

Marketing can be very expensive, scary, or difficult (although good marketing is always an investment rather than an expense, we will discuss that in another article!). However, it doesn’t need to be. By implementing these 5 free marketing tips, you can quickly start using some of the tactics in your business and begin to start […]

Challenge Perceptions To Change Reality For Disabled People

According to research recently released by Activity Alliance, there are varying attitudes for those with disabilities when it comes to activities. While the results show signs of improvement, there are many ingrained perceptions which can create barriers in the view of disability. This leads to many disabled persons being left out of sports activities. According […]

When Is It Best Season To Remodel A Kitchen – Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter?

Some seasons are better suited for remodelling your kitchen depending on the nature of the project and the weather. During winter, when it is extremely cold you should definitely avoid renovations that involve replacing patio doors or room windows. President of the NKBA MN Chapter, CliqStudios designer and licensed contractor, Carl A. Smith notes that, […]

What Is The Going Rate For Sponsored Posts From Market Influencers?

The insurgence of social media influencers in recent years has left many online brand promoters a little perplexed. While market influencers can observantly provide brands with a gateway new audiences, it can be difficult for marketers to know the value of such influential power. There is no need to despair just yet, as Vuelio (software […]

Changing The Reality for Disabled People By Altering Perceptions of The Non-Disabled

New studies by the Activity Alliance have revealed something new on the non-disabled individual’s attitudes on inclusive activity with the disabled. Even though the results have shown signs of improvement, the ingrained perceptions are creating obstacles in changing the reality of disability, sport and inclusion. The non-disabled individual’s perception was the result of a survey […]