How Much Should Marketers Pay Influencers For A Sponsored Post?

Many marketers are quite bewildered these days by the rapid growth that has occurred among social media influencers. On one hand, they seem to offer a very tempting way to gain access to massive untapped audiences. However, how do you know how much to pay for that access? Fortunately, the software specialist Veulio has conducted […]

Tips For Preparing To Be Interviewed In A Video

At times, having a scripted, dramatised, or highly creative format for a video will be the best choice for your goals and audience. However, there will also be situations when the most compelling choice to meet your video requirements will be to have a talking-head interview video. The ‘prompted interview’ technique is used to produce […]

Considerations When Planning A Server Room

Your server room is where your internal equipment and your connectivity to the outside world meet. PCs, servers, printers, security, wireless conferences and telephones will all come together here. If you are following the BICSI guidelines, it will be known as the telecommunications space, but is more commonly referred to as the server room, network […]