Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a kind of massage therapy that employs a wide range of deep tissues techniques, with the objective of eliminating pain, discomfort and muscular tension. Although professional athletes are the main beneficiaries of this kind of massage therapy, ordinary people can equally enjoy the benefits that sports massage has to offer. Sports massage is a proven treatment for conditions like:

– Back pain

– Repetitive strain injuries

Tennis and golfers elbow

– Whiplash

– Headaches

– Postural related pain

– Joint and muscular injuries like strains and sprains

In most cases, sports massage techniques are intensive and mainly involve compression and stretching movements. A sports massage therapist employs a wide range of deep tissue massage techniques such as frictional massage and longitudinal stripping. Sports massage therapy also makes use of muscle energy and tapotement techniques like trigger point compression, active movement and PNF stretching.

These techniques are effective in relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation and warming up muscles.

Although sports massage therapy can be customized to address the specific needs of an individual who is going to compete in an event, or who has just finished an event, deep tissue or sports massage can also be used to treat muscular discomfort, pain and sports injuries, by enhancing both psychological and physiological well-being.

Benefits of Therapeutic Sports Massage

The following are some of the benefits you can enjoy by enrolling for deep tissue or sports massage experience:

– Improved sleep quantity and quality.

– Reduction in psychological and physical stress levels, and enhanced levels of relaxation.

– Reduced post-injury recovery time.

– Decreased muscle soreness and stiffness after physical activity or exercise.

– Improved range of motion resulting in better performance.

– Reduction and eradication of muscular discomfort, pain and muscle tension.

These and many other benefits are the results of improved circulation of blood in your body which assists in flushing out harmful toxins, chemicals and waste products that have accumulated within your muscle tissues. Improved blood circulation also increases the number of nutrients and oxygen that get to your muscles. This helps with muscle repair and reduction in muscular pain and discomfort. If you live in Fleet and are looking for a sports massage then search “sports massage Fleet.

Compression techniques also have an effect on nerve reflexes and blood flow within muscle tissues, which when stimulated cause a feeling of relaxation.
Severe muscle tension can irritate nerve endings within the muscle. This can result in feelings of discomfort or pain. Reducing muscular tension can help prevent irritation of nerve receptors and thereby reduce any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing.

Improving blood circulation and reducing muscular tension can result in an increase in the range of motion around a specific joint. Fitness experts and professional athletes can benefit immensely from an increased range of movement because it can help reduce rates of injury as well as improve overall performance.

Post-event massage therapy can help reduce recovery time because improved blood circulation helps increase the rate of waste removal from your body, on top of increasing nutrient and oxygen levels within muscle tissues.

When used to address a specific injury, sports massage can help to quicken the healing process by reducing excess swelling, and increasing oxygen and nutrient content in affected tissues. Deep tissue massage techniques can also assist to align new collagen formation within muscles, which can result in better healing of wounds through realignment of scar tissues, and lowering the risk of future injury.