Boost Your Appeal With Heels And Shapewear


Heels and shapewear are a match made in heaven. You can even think of heels as a kind of shapewear. While the role of shapewear is to support and add a touch of elegance to your silhouette, heels can help you improve your posture and define your sleek line. Together they can do wonders for your appearance. The biggest question is how to use heels and shapewear to showcase a glamorous look while staying comfortable along the way.

Purveyors Of Curves

Heels and shapewear can help you highlight your curvy silhouette. perhaps you want to create curves where you lack them or to accentuate existing ones. Shapewear can do wonders for the way you look when you add in the reshaping power of heels. Choose core-focused shapewear to make your waist look smaller and your behind more prominent. Pair this shapewear with high, slim heels to highlight your curves. A corselette or a bodysuit will provide you with the hourglass look that’s the symbol of feminine beauty. When you add a pair of slim stiletto heels into the mix, your leg line will become a natural continuation of this curvy silhouette.

Line Lengthening

Whether you prefer kitten heels or platforms, you can use heeled shoes to lengthen the line of your body silhouette. Longer legs can support you in creating a more slender look. For a maximum of effect, pair your heels with a shaping slip or with shaping shorts. These pieces of shapewear work by applying a compression force around your hips and thighs, thus enabling you to create the perfect look.

Body Balancing

Many of us seek to create a streamlined silhouette by simply balancing the proportions of our bodies. For instance, a pear-shaped or a triangle-shaped person can easily balance out the extremes by wearing the right outfits. While shapewear can’t sculpt your body into a new shape, it can bring it to a visually appealing balance. Consider choosing high waist control briefs to help to shape your waist and your hips. Add a panelled, wide strapped bra to help your breasts stand out and highlight your waist. Mules and slingbacks are the perfect heels to complement this look, as they can easily bring balance to your body. These shoe styles are great because they don’t have ankle straps that segment your shape in a non-flattering manner.

Comfort And Confidence

Wearing shapewear in style is a matter of comfort. This also applies to heels. If you want to look your best, you need to rely on comfortable outfits and garments that provide you with the confidence you need to glow from within. Feeling comfortable and natural is a surefire way to boost your confidence. So how can you ensure your shapewear and your heels are comfortable even when you have to wear them for many hours in a row? In fact, the secret is to choose the right size and adequate fit. If your shapewear is too small, you’ll feel stiff and rigid. Furthermore, these tight garments will dig into your skin, creating odd-looking lumps and bumps. Also, ill-fitting shapewear has a tendency to move on your body as you walk. You’ll end up needing to address this problem and straighten your shapewear too often to feel comfortable. Similarly, heels need to be the right size for your feet. Otherwise, you’ll develop foot pain. In addition, you need to ensure your heels are supportive around the foot, in order to prevent you from adopting a highly unnatural gait.

What Are The Dangers Of Wearing Shapewear And Heels?

Comfort and fit are key to success. However, there are dangers you need to know about right off the bat.


Only wear high compression garments for a short time, in order to prevent discomfort and blood circulation problems. Always choose well-fitting garments to refine your shape without constrictions.