How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?


Are you looking for a job? Do you want a full or part-time or a paid internship? Are you finding it hard to find the right role for you? If you have gone through the national and local job boards as well as LinkedIn without any results, you need to try other means. Well, you should consider using a recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency works as the middle man between an employer and a potential employee. They have the simple role is to find the most suitable person for any vacant positions. If you are looking to use the services of a recruitment agency or want to know how one works, here is what you need to know.

What’s The Recruitment Agency Process?

If a company is looking to hire someone as amazing and talented as you but don’t have the resources to hire you directly, a recruitment agency will become in handy. Potential employers will hand a recruitment agency a job description and ask them to provide 20 possible candidates. Next, the recruitment agency will look through their CV database where potential employees submit their resumes willingly. Finally, the employer will give the recruitment agency the go-ahead to plan and arrange the interview.

How Can I Get Involved?

Recruitment agencies come in handy when you are looking for a job. They know the employers looking to hire people and have potential employees ready. A recruitment agency might offer the help you need to prepare for the interview if you land one. It’s very understandable if you get involved with a recruitment agency. Of course, using one or more recruitment agencies to get a job is not a bad idea but it shouldn’t make up 100% of your job search.

Here are a few ways on how to get involved. Start by contacting recruitment agencies specializing in the specific industry you are looking to work for such as management consulting. Keep in mind that recruitment agencies will not advise you on your career. Therefore, if you are not sure of the industry you want to work in, you can always take a career test before using a recruitment agency. Once you contact them, the recruitment agency will arrange for an interview whether face-to-face or over the phone.

Here, you need to provide more information on your salary expectations, career goals and qualifications. If you have been asked to provide a CV, they might ask you questions on the same so you should know everything. Make sure your CV has keywords relating to your skills and academic achievements such as degree classification, career choice and much more. That way, when your CV is loaded into the database, the recruitment agency will find your CV faster when they do a search.

What Happens Next?

Once your CV has been updated in the system, you will be contacted by the recruitment agency once they find a suitable role to see if you can give them permission to send your CV to the potential employer. If it’s a good time to hire someone new, especially in September or January, you should get an interview sooner. During the summer or Christmas period, the job boards are a little quieter since most people are on holiday. If you are looking for marketing jobs then see marketing recruitment agencies London.

If you don’t hear something, you can always contact the agency as frequently as allowed so you can stay on their radar. They should be able to mention any positions that might have come up yet bypassed you. It’s also an ideal time to discuss other career paths that you are planning to explore and how you can make yourself employable. If nothing comes along, you should find another recruitment agency that meets your needs as soon as possible.