When Is It Best Season To Remodel A Kitchen – Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter?

Some seasons are better suited for remodelling your kitchen depending on the nature of the project and the weather. During winter, when it is extremely cold you should definitely avoid renovations that involve replacing patio doors or room windows.

President of the NKBA MN Chapter, CliqStudios designer and licensed contractor, Carl A. Smith notes that, in areas where cold seasons are accompanied by snowing and ground freezing there are definite seasons to build. Comparing it to road repair, Smith notes that road works are scheduled in the summer months, halted during winter and resume during the spring.

However, he notes that ‘inside work’ is different. Remodels of bathrooms, basements and kitchens can be done at any time.

He advises that if the renovation does not involve widow removal or compromise the envelope it can be conducted.

Basically, if your renovation is being done indoors and does not interfere with the windows, roofs, external doors, foundation or exterior walls then you can proceed.

Though interior renovations can be done at any time homeowners opt to remodel their kitchens in summer and spring season. This reduces contractor jobs in winter. In the past, it has been easy to reserve the services of a general contractor during winter.

Other Factors To Consider

Climate alone is not the only factor to consider when planning your kitchen remodel. Here are additional factors to consider.

Your household schedule

Set your remodel to when it does not interfere with and distract the daily schedule of your family. The kitchen is used several times a day in a typical household. Converting it to a renovation zone can be a huge inconvenience. Many families prefer to renovate in the summer due to the flexibility afforded by summer homes, summer camps for the kids and vacation time.

Your eating plans

Eating out every day can become expensive and exhausting. As the renovation on your kitchen is going on, you will require a makeshift eating plan for your household. Some will be content with having a simple table, a microwave and a mini-fridge. Others will opt for an outdoor grill in the warm summer months.

Holidays and special events

Can you try to have a kitchen remodel before a graduation, class reunion, holiday or any other special event? Well, it depends. Replacing countertops and cabinets can take a couple of weeks. On the other hand altering the walls, replumbing, rewiring and calling inspections can take two or three months.

Smith says that the scope of work is the major factor. A knowledgeable homeowner or contractor must be aware of the construction timelines. By working backwards they can deduce and determine a reasonable time frame within which to execute the project.

Special deals

Kitchen renovations are costly averaging over £17,000. Homeowners are usually desperate for a discounted rate. Black Friday is the ultimate day for bargain prices, especially for major home appliances. For kitchen remodel discounts be on the lookout for spring promotions in April and May. Buying in advance and then storing your materials even when not remodelling immediately is important. Your kitchen renovation will run smoothly once work begins.

Product lead times

Customized cabinetry featuring exotic characteristics or hand-crafted designs can have up to three months of production. A lead time of 4 to 6 weeks between ordering and delivery is standard for semi-custom cabinetry. So, when considering your kitchen renovation schedule remember that different products have varying lead times based on their availability.

Your planning

Ultimately, the appropriate time to conduct your kitchen renovation is after you have comprehensively planned it. A kitchen renovation project needs research, buying materials, sourcing funds, budgeting, setting goals and consulting professionals. When you piece together all the pieces, elements and processes that you require to have a dream kitchen and become satisfied – nothing will stop you.

What Is The Going Rate For Sponsored Posts From Market Influencers?

The insurgence of social media influencers in recent years has left many online brand promoters a little perplexed. While market influencers can observantly provide brands with a gateway new audiences, it can be difficult for marketers to know the value of such influential power. There is no need to despair just yet, as Vuelio (software specialists) recently conducted an in-depth survey on bloggers from the UK and the findings of said survey provide valuable insights into influencer going rates.

The Vuelio digital survey was sent to around seven and a half thousand bloggers. Unfortunately, only 787 useful responses were received from the outreach, but the insights those 787 bloggers provided are invaluable to those looking to unleash the power of the influencer marketing world.

Results from the survey showed that almost 80% of respondents get paid for 0% to 50% of their work. Top average revenue-generating blogs for influencers were those based in the following fields: travel, fashion, beauty, parenting, gardening, nature and lifestyle. Bloggers writing about those sectors were the most likely to get payments for over 50% of their online contributions to the blogosphere.

Of course, the key question to answer is: What is the going rate for sponsored blog posts from market influencers? In the aforementioned survey, the answer to that question trends towards the <£250 per post figure. While 27% of respondents reported charging less than £100 per post, 30% reported charging more than £100 but less than £250 per post. In terms of paid-for collabs, 23% reported charging brands less than £100, while 29% reported charging between £101 and £250. Less than 10% of respondents said they were not charging anything for blog posts.

When entering the influencer market where money really talks, it should be noted that both specialised niche blogs and super-sector blogs can attract high sums. Two percent of survey respondents said they charge more than £1000 for sponsored blog posts and four percent said they charge more than £1000 for collabs.

UK bloggers who were able to demand the most were most likely to be specialising in the wedding, travel, combination, media, political, fashion, beauty, marketing and business fields.

Everything makes sense so far, right? The thing is, you need great discernment to ascertain which influencers are able to offer you the most bang for the buck so to speak. In reality, the market influencer marketplace is flooded and it can be difficult for brands to locate worthwhile partnerships.

A person who has thousands of followers is not necessarily a market influencer, as it now too easy to buy fake audience engagement metrics in the form of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘followers’. What’s more, real followers are getting wise to brand promotion strategies and online personalities sellouts.

How To Spot Fraudulent Influencers

Identifying fake market influencers can be an art form, but with diligent research, anyone can master it. So, be sure to demand access to the breakdown of any prospective influencer’s audience demographics. Note that the demographics important to your brand will vary from those that are important to other sponsors. For example, if you are selling hair extensions, then you are properly going to want to work with an influencer whose audience demographic stats are heavily weighted towards a particular gender.

If a prospective influencer cannot provide you with clear information about the metrics they use to determine and monitor their success, be prepared to spend your marketing budget with another online personality.

Note that there are lots of tools out there that are specifically designed to uncover fraudulent influencers. An example of such a tool is The Social Chain Group’s LikeWise tool. The tool employs the latest AI technology to identify potential fake influencers.

The secret to worthwhile influencer marketing is to find the right partners and start cultivating strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Changing The Reality for Disabled People By Altering Perceptions of The Non-Disabled

New studies by the Activity Alliance have revealed something new on the non-disabled individual’s attitudes on inclusive activity with the disabled. Even though the results have shown signs of improvement, the ingrained perceptions are creating obstacles in changing the reality of disability, sport and inclusion.

The non-disabled individual’s perception was the result of a survey conducted online and over 2000 non-disabled people participated. The study examined the respondent’s perceptions as well as experiences, by focusing more on the aspect of inclusive activity in which both non-disabled and disabled individuals take part together.

The findings presented a varied picture, showing that the perceptions of people who are not disabled might be preventing them from participating in this mixed setting.

The Opportunity to Alter These Perceptions Via Sports

The results of the study ideally show positive change to alter the perceptions via sporting activities. Over 70% of the non-disabled people who participated said they were open to the idea of participating in active recreation or sporting with disabled individuals. Non-disabled individuals recognized the positive impact of participating in inclusive tasks would have on themselves. The top benefits mentioned were that they could feel more comfortable around disabled individuals, they could meet new groups of individuals and even learn more about disabled people.

About a quarter of the participants associated disabled individuals with being equal to those who are not disabled. This could have been potentially driven by the awareness of the discrimination that disabled individuals have to deal with. The respondents believed that individuals with mental health issues, learning disabilities, physical impairments and behavioural conditions to be the groups of people getting the largest prejudice in the United Kingdom today.

However, they did not show founded concern for the negative impact that participating in inclusive activities may have on those who are disabled. The non-disabled top concerns were that the disabled might get hurt, the non-disabled individuals might patronize the disabled or even say something inappropriate.

The results showed that the language utilized by providers in promoting inclusive activities was inconsistent. About 67% of the non-disabled individuals had no prior language of what the phrase inclusive sport means. However, over 74% of them were aware that an inclusive sport is for everybody.

The Unknown Experiences With Disabled Individuals

Inexperience, unfamiliarity with the disabled as well as general lack of awareness was evident in the study results. Disabled individuals are a substantial proportion of our community, 1 in 5 people. However, just 14% of the non-disabled individuals knew that they were participating in physical activity or inclusive sport with disabled individuals. Out of all the non-disabled individuals, only half (50%) said they knew someone who is disabled.

This report adds to the growing portfolio of Activity Alliance’s research and insight that explores disabled individuals as well as their influencers’ obstacles and perceptions regarding being active.

The Gap Between Reality and Ambition

In the report, the results showed an apparent mismatch between how disabled individuals prefer to be active and the availability of those opportunities. Here, over 60% of disabled individuals who participated in the survey said that they prefer taking part in a sport with a mix of both disabled and non-disabled individuals. However, only 51% of them currently did.

The Motivate Me report ideally echoed this mixed-setting preference. The results show that there is a huge number of disabled individuals are more likely to get involved in opportunities that help them tap into things that matter the most to them. This includes making new friends, becoming more independent, progressing in life and maintaining health.

The Activity Alliance Chief Executive, Barry Horne said that in order to increase the numbers of active disabled individuals, there not only needs to be meaningful activities, but we also need to respond to demand. While it is true that not every disabled individual has an interest in engaging in inclusive activities, the insight shows that most of them want to be active with their family members and friends. As such, there needs to be an improvement in the way activities are marketed.

How To Create Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

One of the great additions to your home is an outdoor kitchen. This is something that you should consider if you are planning a new look for your home. An outdoor kitchen will not only add sophistication to your home, but they are also much better than a BBQ.

The addition of this kitchen will make the back garden more appealing when you entertain friends and family. You will not have to keep your guests indoors while you prepare the food in your normal kitchen. Instead, you could be outside cooking, serving cocktails and chatting with everyone-

Outdoor kitchens will also boost the value of your home regardless of when you consider selling. Taking all of this into account, it is not surprising that outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular. This might lead you to wonder what you need to do for your outdoor kitchen to be up to the task.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that there is enough space. However, you do not need a large garden area to make your kitchen work. All you need is sufficient space for counters used for cooking and preparing the food. You also need to have enough room for placing items on either side of the appliances.

An Outdoor Kitchen Grill

Any outdoor enthusiast should have a grill and this will be the heart of your outdoor entertainment. If you do not have this important appliance, your outdoor kitchen will not be up to par.

You can have the grill built into the counter of your outdoor cooking area. You also need to ensure that it is professional grade. The model that you choose is personal preference and you can choose between gas, charcoal and pellet fuelled. Some of the newer grills will self-ignite and will have built-in burners that ensure your food is kept warm at all times.

A Refrigerator

To keep all of your fresh items as cold as they need to be, you need to have artificially cooled storage space. A refrigerator will keep your meat cool while you wait to grill it. You can also keep drinks cool and in easy reach.

Outdoor Oven

Your steak should go on the grill, but your pizza needs an oven. There are few people who enjoy eating cold pizza because it is always better to have this when it is hot. When looking at an oven, you should consider one with a warming drawer which keeps your food warm until you are ready to serve it.

Sink And Tap

As this is still a functional kitchen, you need to have someone to wash the dishes. You also need to have a sink to wash fresh foods before you use them. Running water in the kitchen will stop you have to go back inside to top up the ice bucket. Most sinks and taps can be used outside, but you should check that the manufacturer does not state otherwise.

A Cover

While this is an outdoor kitchen, it will still have appliances that run on live electricity. As such, you need to protect them from bad weather. If water enters some of these appliances, they run the risk of rusting or setting a fire.

Electrical Outlets

A lot of people forget about installing electrical outlets in their outdoor kitchen. They only consider this when they need one while using the kitchen. As you are going to be using appliances that run on electricity, you need to have enough outlets.

Optional Extras

A wine cooler is one of the most common appliances that are installed in an outdoor kitchen. This will keep with the industrial look at you will be trying to achieve. There is also a good functional reason for them and that is keeping all of your drinks cool while you are outside. It is important to note that this is an extra that you can install, but it is not a necessity for your kitchen.

Tips For Creating A Luxurious Hotel Inspired Bathroom In Your Home

Do you dream of having a luxurious hotel inspired bathroom in your home? You feel you need it so that you have that one place in your house where you can get away from the crazy, busy life of your household and job and take a long soak and unwind.

A few lifestyle and parenting bloggers shared their tips and ideas on creating a luxury bathroom based on hotel inspirations. Some of their suggestions and ideas are amazing, and many of them are inexpensive and easy to implement. Check out what the bloggers suggested for creating a luxurious, hotel inspired bathroom in your home.

1. Seamless Presentation is paramount
Laura from Five Little Doves recommends installing a rain shower so that you can have a fulfilling experience when you step into the shower. It should be a quality shower that evokes the feeling of bathing in a luxury hotel.

Jacqui from Mummy’s Little Monkeys suggests installing a shaver plug inside the wall cupboard to that you have a streamlined presentation. It is the area where you store the electric bathroom supplies such as your electric toothbrush. The idea is to keep the wires hidden and the charging dock away from plain sight.

2. Go For Quality Over Quantity
Scandi Mummy advocates for quality when investing in a luxurious bathroom in your family home. For instance, anti-slip surfaces, cotton towels, and adequate ventilation are some of the hallmarks of a luxury hotel inspired bathroom. Think practically about what you need to make the room feel comfortable for you or others if you are shared it with the family or guests.

Kayleigh from CandyFloss Dreams says that the upgrade should not lose focus on the importance of decluttering the existing room. For this, she suggests installing adequate storage spaces and stocking up with the necessary bathroom supplies without having excess. Everything should have its place, and that goes for the kids’ shower-time toys, the cleaning supplies, or a unit for changing the baby. The room should always look organized.

Nicola from Nicola Says, your efforts to unclutter and tidy up the bathroom will ensure that everything is in its place and with little on show. That means having a practical storage plan that also exudes luxurious styling. For instance, you can have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with a statement mirror. In as much as the flooring should have a chic look that echoes luxury, Nicola also says it is necessary also to consider how easy it will be to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

3. Eco-Friendly Hotel Inspired Luxury Bathroom
Nicole from Eco Family is all about installing something eco-friendly. She advocates for luxury while also taking into account the need to go “green” about the new setup. Some of her suggestions for this include the use of real plants that can freshen up the air without having to use scented candles or room fresheners. You also should consider installing the right bathroom windows that allow in light and air while maintaining your privacy.

4. Display The Towels
Hollie from Hollie Plus recommends having an area for clean guest towels where they can be on display and arranged neatly. You can do the same for the family towels. It will help make the room have a hotel feel for all that step in to use it. The fresh towels can be hung on rakes or neatly folded on a shelf.

Becky from A Beautiful Space says that a luxurious bathroom needs to smell fresh at all times. It should have clean towels and robes. Moreover, it should be warm and welcoming with little to no moisture.

Amy from All About a Mummy suggests being creative when thinking of a luxury hotel inspired bathroom. One of the tips she gives is to install a stand for your candles, wine glasses, kindle, or your favorite book. It can be a bath bridge spread the foot-end of the tub for easy access when you want to take a bubbly soak.

How Much Should Marketers Pay Influencers For A Sponsored Post?

Many marketers are quite bewildered these days by the rapid growth that has occurred among social media influencers. On one hand, they seem to offer a very tempting way to gain access to massive untapped audiences. However, how do you know how much to pay for that access? Fortunately, the software specialist Veulio has conducted a UK Blogger Survey to help shed some light on the murky and confusing world of influencer pricing.

An online survey was sent by Veulio to 7,5000 bloggers from the company’s database. It generated 787 usable response.

An average of 78% of bloggers said they are paid for up to half of all of their work. Those that specialise in lifestyle, nature/garden, fashion and beauty, and parenting, were those that were the most like to be compensated for more than half of their overall work.

So here is the important question that everyone wants to know – how much are they paid? The standout trend is for bloggers to currently receive up to £250 for paid-for collaborations and blogs.

Just over one quarter (27%) of the bloggers stated in the survey that they charge £1-£100 for blog posts, while 30% said they charge £101-£250. For paid-for collaborations, 29% charge £101-£250 and 23% charge £1-£100.

Only 8% surveyed stated they don’t charge anything for their blog posts. It was noted by the survey that the biggest payouts for collaborations came from a mix of super-sector and niche blogs. Out of all of the respondents, 2% stated they charge £1,001+ for blog posts and 4% stated they charged the same for paid-for collaborations.

The highest paid bloggers most likely specialise in fashion & beauty, travel, political, media & marketing, business, combination blogs (i.e. travel and food), and weddings.

That is all clear so far. However, what is difficult to determine is which influencers provide your brand with the most value for your hard-earned money.

For starters, it is fast becoming a very saturated market, which makes it very difficult for your message to be heard over all of the noise.

Also, when someone has thousands of followers, that doesn’t always equate to having a lot of influencers – as followers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to selling. If your partnership with an influencer is not credible, then it isn’t worth the cost. Of course, it is also true that anybody can purchase ‘likes’ and followers and call themselves an influencer while having minimal genuine reach. Unfortunately, this is all too common these days.

How To Spot The Fakes

Of course, the key is to make sure to do your research before taking the plunge. Ask the influencer for a detailed breakdown of their audience’s demographics – whether that is by geographic location, age, or anything else that is important to you.

Ask about the metrics that are used by a prospective influencer partner for measuring their success. If they are unable to provide them to you, take your money and brand elsewhere.

Better yet, search for tools such as The Social Chain Group’s Likewise, which claims that it can spot influencer fraud via its AI-powered technology. One trial was able to uncover an influence with a 96% fake engagement rate who was charging $1,00 (nearly £800) per post.

The real key to succeeding with influencer marketing is not to pay for a post here and there but instead to immerse excellent content on your product into the brand of your influencer.

That will require you to find the right partner that suits your brand the best – whether that is a niche influencer within your specialist field or a celebrity who has a global reach – to build a long-term, strong relationship with.

How To Design And Build An Outdoor Kitchen For Your Home

For any home, an outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful addition, and if you would like to provide your house with a new look, then it is definitely something you should consider. An outdoor kitchen can provide your home with added sophistication and is far superior to a regular BBQ in the backyard. It also can your garden an area that is much more appealing for entertaining friends or guests. After all, everyone loves leading the alfresco life.

It isn’t necessary for your guests to be stuck inside of your house while you are in your regular kitchen preparing food when you could instead be outdoors grilling hamburgers, as you are serving cocktails and chatting with your guests or friends. An outdoor kitchen also can provide your home with a significant boost in value for many years into the future whenever you decide to sell it eventually.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that outdoor living areas are becoming increasingly popular – particularly in the UK as well as other countries in Europe where the average temperature is over 20°C.

What does an outdoor kitchen need so that it serves its purpose well?

The most obvious and first thing that an outdoor kitchen needs to have is a sufficient amount of space. However, don’t think that you absolutely have to a large garden area available in order for it to work.

There needs to be enough counter space in your outdoor kitchen to prepare and cook food. There also needs to be enough room to put things on both sides of the appliances. Let’s cover that in a bit more detail now.

Tips For Creating An Outdoor Kitchen To Enjoy Alfresco Living

Outdoor Kitchen Grille

For any outdoor enthusiast, a grille is an absolute must-have for outdoor entertainment and living. If that important appliance were to be missing then your outdoor kitchen would definitely be substandard.

A grill can be directly built into your outdoor cooking area’s counter. Make sure it is a professional-grade appliance. There are many different models to choose from, including gas, pellet-fueled, or charcoal grills. There are some innovative grills that are able to self-ignite. Usually, those come with burners that are built-in and help to keep food warm.


An artificially cooled storage area is needed for keeping all of your fresh items cold so you can relax with your friends or guests and enjoy them later on. A refrigerator can also make sure your meat stays cold while you are waiting for your grill to warm up.

Outdoor Oven

Pizzas go in ovens and steaks go on grills. Not many people like to eat cold pizza. It is best eaten when it is practically red-hot. The Warming Drawer is a great variant that helps to keep your food warm until it is time for you to serve your guests.

Tap and Sink

It is a kitchen still, so the menial tasks still need to be done, like washing the dishes. More importantly, you need a sink for washing fresh foods. When you have running water you won’t have to keep topping up your ice bucket or running back inside the house. Most taps and sinks are well-suited for outdoor use. Just make sure that isn’t stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

A Cover

Although it is an outdoor kitchen, live electricity is still being used to run your appliances. That is why it is so important for them to be protected against bad weather. If water gets into any of your appliances, then most likely they will rust or they could even be set on fire in the worst case scenario.

Electrical Outlets

Usually, most people forget about having electrical outlets installed in their outdoor kitchen until something comes up where they need one and there aren’t any around. Since you will be using a refrigerator and potentially other electrical appliances, you need to have enough outlets installed so that they are available to use whenever you need them.

Optional Extras

A wine cooler is one of the more common appliances that is installed in today’s outdoor kitchen. They go with that industrial look that modern outdoor appliances have and are ideal for keeping your beverages cool on a hot summer’s day.

Tips On How To Create Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are often a fantastic addition for just about any type of home, and if you have plans to upgrade your house, this may be a worthwhile consideration.

An outdoor kitchen can add a certain level of sophistication and style to a home, which is, of course, way better in comparison to a regular type of backyard BBQ. This is the type of addition that will turn your garden into an inviting and enticing area to entertain your friends and guests. After all, most people really enjoy the idea of alfresco living.

You no longer have to worry about having your guests cramped inside your kitchen or lounge while you are preparing a meal when you can enjoy the outdoors grilling steaks and hamburgers, and socialising with your guests and friends.

In addition, an outdoor kitchen will give a significant boost to the overall value of the home, if you ever make the decision to sell it.

It comes as no surprise, that any type of outdoor living space is a trend that continues to increase in popularity, and this is especially true in the UK along with other European countries where average temperatures are above 20°C.

So you may be wondering what the requirements involve to achieve an outdoor kitchen that you can be proud of?

To begin with, the first requirement will involve making sure you have enough space for an outdoor kitchen. However, this also doesn’t mean you need a really big garden in order to make this plan work.

The outdoor kitchen requires enough counter space to prepare food and to cook. There should also be enough space to place equipment and cooking utensils on either side of an appliance, and we are about to go into more detail about that further on.

How To Design An Outdoor Kitchen To Compliment Alfresco Living

1. An Outdoor Kitchen Grille

A good-quality grille is a definite must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts and this forms the heart of all outdoor entertainment activities. Your kitchen outdoors will fail to meet the bar, if this appliance is not included.

You can choose to have the grille built into your counter space. It is also important to choose one of the professional-grade appliances. These options come in charcoal, gas or pellet-fueled grills. Some of the latest grills feature a self-ignite feature and typically come equipped with their own built-in burners which ensures your food stays warm.

2. Refrigerator

It is also important to have a cooled storage area to store all the fresh items you plan to use for your meals allowing you to relax as well as enjoy more time with friends. A refrigerator in this space also adds the convenience of keeping your meat chilled while you are waiting for the grill to get hot enough.

3. Outdoor Oven

Your hamburgers and streaks can be cooked on the grill, while other items such as pizzas and roasts need to be cooked in an oven. An added convenience would be to choose an oven that comes with a warming drawer to keep the food warm until you serve.

Tap And Sink

Your outdoor kitchen is just like a regular kitchen where it is important to have a place to wash your hands, wash your fresh food items and rinse off utensils that you have used while preparing your meals.

Having access to running water will also do away with having to go inside every time you need more water. Many of the standard taps and sinks can be used outdoors, yet it is still a good idea to check with the manufacturer.

A Cover

Even though this space is known as the Outdoor Kitchen, your appliances are still running off electricity and they need adequate protection from the elements. If moisture or water gets into your appliances they would probably rust or even worse stop working altogether.

Electrical Outlets

It is also important to find out whether it is possible to install electrical outlets in the area where you plan to erect your outdoor kitchen. Make sure you find out how many outlets you will need in order to accommodate all your appliances that run off electricity.


You may want to add another luxury item to your outdoor kitchen which includes a Wine Cooler. These outdoor units match the industrial appeal of outdoor appliances and are the ideal solution to keep your beverages chilled on those warmer summer days.

Tips For Creating An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens, unlike the regular backyard BBQ, add some level of sophistication to a home. Adding an outdoor kitchen also means the backyard garden will be used for other purposes such as entertaining guests and resting. If you have been thinking of giving your home a facelift, a new kitchen should top the list.

One of the advantages of an outdoor kitchen is that it gives you the freedom to prepare meals outside. This comes in handy when holding a party outside. You won’t be stuck in the kitchen preparing the food while everyone outside is having fun. This type of kitchen allows you to interact with everyone outside, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Investing in an outdoor kitchen also helps give your home a significant boost in value. Should you decide to sell the house later on in life, the fact that you have an outdoor kitchen should attract more prospecting buyers and even cash in more in the process.

With temperatures in the United Kingdom and most other European countries averaging 20°C, outdoor living spaces are a preferred option by many homeowners today. The decision to have an outdoor kitchen, therefore, provides you with a better opportunity to enjoy life. Several factors and considerations should, however, be made before starting with the project. For starters, you’ll need enough space to accommodate everything in the kitchen itself. Some of the things to consider include sufficient counter space for preparing and cooking the food, and enough room to accommodate kitchen appliances.

Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to create an outdoor kitchen.

1. An Outdoor Grille
This is one of the must-have essentials for any outdoor entertainment and enthusiast. For this reason, you need to invest in the best quality and professional grade grill for your home. There are several options to choose from when shopping for an outdoor kitchen grille; you can choose between pellet-fuelled, charcoal, or gas grills. Some of the grills on the market today have self-igniters and equipped with built-in burners as well. These come in handy, particularly if you wish to keep the food warm.

2. Refrigerator
A fridge is another essential appliance in the kitchen. You will need to keep all the items and foods fresh and cold. A good refrigerator will come in handy for such purpose and more. The fridge will also help prevent foods from going bad and especially due to warm weather and vectors.
3. An Outdoor Oven
An outdoor oven will also be required to help keep foods hot. As the saying goes, pizza is for ovens while steaks are for grills. No one wants to eat a cold pizza. Going for the Warming Drawer would help keep your foods warm/hot after they have been prepared, and as you wait to serve.

4. Tap and Sink
A kitchen wouldn’t be a kitchen without a sink to wash the dishes. Sinks go hand in hand with taps too. As long as there’s running water in the sink, you will be able to wash fresh foods from the kitchen, hence no need to rush to the main house. Be sure to invest in a sink and taps that can be used outdoors.

5. A Roof or Cover
Do not forget this is an outdoor kitchen hence requires a roof or cover to protects appliances from harsh weather. Most electrical appliances run on electricity. Leaving them exposed to bad weather, and especially rain could cause rusting and even fires. That said, have a cover in place protecting these valuables from such.

6. Electrical Outlets
You will require enough electrical outlets to power the refrigerator and other electrical appliances in the kitchen. Ensure these outlets are conveniently placed to ensure you won’t require an extension cable to be able to use these.

7. Optional Extras
Consider any other extras you might need in the kitchen when designing it. A wine cooler, for instance, is a possible addition to the kitchen too. Be sure to plan well to ensure the outdoor kitchen is as practical and efficient as possible. This is the only way you’ll get to enjoy using it in the first place.

Tips For Preparing To Be Interviewed In A Video

At times, having a scripted, dramatised, or highly creative format for a video will be the best choice for your goals and audience. However, there will also be situations when the most compelling choice to meet your video requirements will be to have a talking-head interview video.

The ‘prompted interview’ technique is used to produce most talking-head interviews. This results in a simple, yet effective, immediacy of one individual speaking to another one. Since we are social animals, we are accustomed to making sense of our world in this manner.

Tips For Preparing For A Prompted Interview

If you were asked to participate in a video interview, then you might be wondering how to best prepare yourself. The following are some tips to help you on the day of filming so that things will run smoothly.

– Don’t Rehearse What You’re Going To Say Ahead Of Time

That might sound counter-intuitive and often it is the most high-profile or senior speakers who are tempted the most to rehearse what they are going to say ahead of time but resist this temptation.

Yes, it is true that in numerous situations in life, the best results are often produced by conscientious preparation. However, believe us on this, that this is not one of those times.

Rehearsed interview responses almost always produce wooden results. The speaker sounds and looks stiff and appears unconvincing. Audiences these days are very sensitive to responses that seem inauthentic on video and quite often rehearsed answers will be seen as false.

– What Not To Wear

Do not wear clothing that has random logos or slogans on them. They can confuse and distract the views if they are not consistent with the video’s branding.

– Avoid wearing fabrics with busy patterns, checks, stripes, and spots. Sometimes busy detailed patterns can cause an odd effect where the camera produces an image that displays strange wavy patterns across the fabric.

– Don’t wear jangly jewellery. In our daily conversations, we don’t tend to notice how much noises jangling bracelets, earrings, and necklaces can make when we are gesticulating and talking. On the other hand, microphones are very sensitives to these noises and pick up every rattle and click.

– Trust Your Interviewer

When a promoted interview is in the hands of an experienced production team, it will unfold in a nice conversational way where the speaker’s responses are spontaneous and natural.

It is very important for you to trust the interviewer. If the questions don’t go the way you had imagined, don’t be thrown off. Simply go with the flow.

– Don’t Be Too Cautious And Let Go

Prompted interviews are often steered so they cover the necessary messaging. However, they may also produce some real gems of anecdote and insight that no one had anticipated during the pre-production planning process.

Those discovered aspects of your story frequently are the elements that can really give the video a distinct personality and be especially persuasive or moving. They can provide those small moments that your audience remembers the most as well.

– Take Your Time

When people feel under pressure to give a good performance in front of the camera, they often have a tendency to speak more quickly and become afraid of pauses. The reason they do that is that they don’t want to seem to be at a loss for words. However, it is often slower speakers who make the best impression with viewers.

– Remember to Smile

If you smile at the beginning and at the end of everything you say it will help to make the interview much more engaging for viewers.

Research shows that in most countries if you smile, people are a lot more likely to trust you. This means they will be much more inclined to believe the things you say.

– Show A Little Emotion

Quite often the strong footage is captured towards the end of the interview, after the interviewee thinks their job is done and starts to speak freely from their heart.

What might seem like an overly emotional way for you to express yourself during the interview can often appear a lot more subdued on camera than you may think. When you show some genuine passion for what you are talking about it might be just the thing that is needed for your interview to be truly believable and engaging for your audience.