Reasons To Have A Christmas Party This Year

Thank Your Staff With a Christmas Party

It can be safe to say that this past year has been incredibly difficult for nearly everyone. It’s presented a lot of unique challenges to both management and employees alike.

Not only have employees been furloughed, but some have returned. There has been immense pressure on management to figure out when to furlough and when to end things. Likewise, the staff has had to deal with the uncertainty of the furloughing and not knowing whether or not it would be permanent.

While a zoom call in the past might have been a once-on occasion thing, it’s now become an everyday thing.

Working from home isn’t something that everyone can easily do. After all, not everyone has access to a quiet place where they can be productive.

Homeschooling was forced on parents this past year. This alone presented a lot of unique challenges to those with children. The combination of having to work from home and have your children doing school from home has presented a unique problem for many.

Now, a lot of staff members have to worry about the commute to get to and from work. This was never a desirable thing for employees and it’s only going to be an even less desirable thing now that they’ve become accustomed to not having to do it.

These are only some of the reasons you should consider thanking your employees. After all, they’ve continued to go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.

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Why a Christmas Party Is a Great Way To Thank Your Employees:

1. Say Thank You In-Person

Saying thank you to your employees through a conference call is good and all, but doing it in person is even better. Saying it publically is one of the best ways to ensure they feel it. Every employee would appreciate hearing a direct ‘thank you’ from the CEO of the company. Communicating your thanks in person can make it so much more impactful and meaningful. It will maximise the flow of energy throughout the entire company far more than it would be hearing it on a conference call whether through a phone or video.

2. Team-Bonding

There have been a lot of different ways people have managed to bond with one another during the lockdown. From having virtual drinks together to doing online quizzes. These are only a couple of examples. There is nothing that is going to beat meeting together in person. Being in the same room will give your team the interaction they need to communicate verbally and non-verbally. This is only more true now that they’ve been communicating virtually for over a year.

3. Not Talking About Work

A video or phone conference call can be one of the best ways to discuss work projects. However, with so many people on the call, it’s increasingly difficult for people to have one-on-one casual conversations. Humans love to interact. We are a social species. Because of this, you want to give your workforce a chance to speak with and interact with one another on a more personal level. By having a Christmas party, you can give them that experience.

4. More Motivation

By hosting a Christmas party, you can showcase to your team how much your organisation values them. They will feel much more appreciated and respected. It can be difficult for employees to remain highly motivated with the short-term being so uncertain. By hosting a Christmas party and having everyone in the same spot, you can make it known what the plans are to give them some sort of certainty to boost their motivation and give them something to look forward to.

Close The Chapter

Everyone can agree that the last two years have been a struggle and certainly not the best. Things are only going to get better from here. By hosting a Christmas party, you can give your entire company the chance to close out this unfortunate period and begin the next chapter.

While you may think it would be out of your budget range, a Christmas party doesn’t have to be unaffordable. We offer several different packages for Christmas parties. Therefore, you can experience all of the benefits of hosting one without spending out of your budget.

Some key considerations to control the costs of your party:

– Schedule it at the right time. Instead of opting for a late-night Christmas party, do it during the day. Having a mid-day Christmas party will help you save money on the entire event.

– Make it informal. Don’t schedule your Christmas party to be a formal event. Having an informal party is not only a great way to make it more comfortable for everyone, but also to save money.

Any company that has struggled the last couple of years can use a Christmas party to put the struggles to rest. It’s a great way to thank your staff and to welcome the new year and new beginnings.